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Who are we?

Jamia Javeria is a purely religious institute. Its foundation was laid on 15th of October 1997 under consultation and other renowned and prominent religious scholars. It underwent many trials and critical circumstances, but with the grace and mercy of Allah and incessant efforts, the Jamia is progressing with leaps and bounds. Allah be praised, today that Jamia is playing an active, energetic and incisive role in the service of Islam and its multifarious faculties and departments are fully discharging their assigned duties. We pray to Allah to further strengthen these forts of Islam and bless them with unprecedented success. At present there are 22 ladies teachers, 20 male teachers , 3 drivers and 1 servant are working hard day and night for the uplift of the Jamia.

We also provide one-on-one online Quran classes for all age groups around the Globe, This means that the teacher will focus only one student in each class. Students will receive the same one-on-one support as they are sitting in front of the tutor. We have specialized and experienced teacher for the student, our online teachers teach you as like you want. Our all teachers are graduated from biggest Pakistan Islamic universities, for example Jamia Uloom ul Islamiyah Allamah binnori town krachi. So if you have internet and you want you learn then Inshallah we will give you first A free class for trial, if you will be satisfy by this class then you can continuously take our classes.

For Quran tajweed and memorization of quran
For Arabic and urdu Languages
For Anther Islamic courses

Registration with Wifaqul Madaris Pakistan

Jamia Jaweria is Registered with Wifaqul Madaris Pakistan & our Registration No:


Wafaq ul Madaris Al-Arabia, Pakistan وفاق المدارس العربیہ, founded in 1957 in West Pakistan,

Is the largest federation of Islamic Seminaries around the world. More than 10,000 Seminaries and about 8,000 Iqra Schools across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are affiliated with the federation. It controls all the seminaries which are run by Deoband School of thought

Molana Saleemullah Khan is the president and Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhari is general sectary of the federation.
The head office of Wafaq ul Madaris is situated in Multan.

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